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For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12)

Awana is always fun, engaging, and interactive!

This weekly Bible-based program for children aged 4-11 includes fun games, a journey into the world of the Bible, rewards, treats, and simply great times with friends!

Every Thursday at 7 PM.

The joy of fellowship, mutual assistance, support, prayer, seeking answers, and studying Scriptures—all these happen during our weekly meetings!

Join a small group for warm conversations over a cup of tea!

Stay Tuned for Future Events!

Family Ministry is comming soon...

We are dedicated to helping you live a life free from bondage. This ministry is focused on healing and deliverance and provides personal encounters with Jesus that help uncover the roots that are keeping you from living a life of freedom.
By removing those roots, and replacing them with new life, Christ can empower you to live a life that is full of purpose and joy.

We will help you do what Christians have been doing for centuries to walk close to God. Uncover & renounce lies, forgive others & receive grace & biblical truth to replace the lies.

There is a path to healing and liberation from what has been tormenting you for years, hindering you from breathing freely and holding in harmful cycles, dependencies, and internal pain. We believe Jesus will not only forgive you but set you free!

"Intersection" - Prayer Meeting.

The significance of prayer in our lives cannot be overstated. Come to the intersection, come to meet God.

Personal reflection and confession, praising God, and interceding for one another. Every Thursday from 7 to 8 PM.

Men's Breakfast - the best breakfast in town.

A meeting for Bible study, discussion, and prayer.

Come for the Word of God, a cup of coffee, and encouragement.

A disciple of Jesus is a learner! No better way to learn or study than with a book.

Our collection is still under construction however feel free to request a book & we may order it for you off Amazon.

In the meantime here are a few books we’re reading:

  • Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis
  • The knowledge of the holy - Tozer
  • Knowing God - J.I Packer
  • The normal Christian life - Watchman Lee
  • Don’t waste your life - John Piper

Someone once said that children are our future, but at "Bethel" we believe children are our present! If so, then dedicating time to engage with them is essential right now, while they're young and eager to listen.

Our Sunday School classes follow an engaging program tailored to the children's age, filled with crafts, science experiments, and memorable lessons. We look forward to meeting your children!

Ages 3-11 are welcome.

Feel free to come a little earlier to grab coffee or if you have kids, to drop them off at Sunday School. When you arrive look for the Bethel Community Signs.

Casual Attire - People look at appearances but God looks at the heart.

Typical service:

  • 3-4 contemporary Christian worship songs (~20 min.)

    Artists we like: Phil Wickham, Maverick City, Bethel Music, Hillsong, Upperroom.
    *Their theology & views don’t necessarily reflect those of Bethel Community.

  • An encouraging bible filled message (~35 min)

    You can expect to hear a lot of scripture, stories & illustrations to help you better understand & apply the Bible to your life. We believe the study of God (theology) is fun and will challenge you personally! We strive to interpret scripture in light of how it has been understood historically by the global church.

  • Closing Song & Prayer (~5 min)

    There is some time for individual prayer after service however we encourage you to submit your prayer requests at & talk to one of our pastors about scheduling an inner-healing prayer session.

If you’re new to the church we STRONGLY encourage you to come to our Welcome Party. Meet the pastors, have some refreshments & ask your questions! Every 3rd Sunday after service from 10:40 - 11:00. Pickup your kids before the party, please 🙂