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About Us

Here, everyone will find their place

Bethel Community

Bethel Church is made up of people following Jesus Christ. We strive to live by faith, exemplify love in all things, and sound the voice of hope (1 Thessalonians 1:3).

‘Bethel’ is a church for all kinds of people.

Jesus invited a diverse group to His table, and we continue this beautiful tradition. In our church, people of all walks of life feel comfortable, wherever they are on their spiritual journey. ‘There’s a place for everyone’ is an invitation not only for outsiders but for everyone already in the church—we help each person discover their place of service.

‘Bethel’ is a supernatural church.

The essence of the Christian faith is supernatural. Just like in the days of Christ’s ministry and the early church, God continues to expand His Kingdom among us and through us. He still speaks to us, and His miracles are not a thing of the past. In our church, we firmly believe that without the living presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we are destined to become a dull, lifeless religious organization.

‘Bethel’ is a purpose-driven church.

Our community’s life is built around five purposes. We didn’t set these purposes for ourselves; they are outlined for us in the Holy Scriptures and, therefore, carry God’s blessing. These five purposes are: worship, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and service. For various reasons, each church may prioritize one or more of these goals. However, giving equal attention to each of them makes the church healthy and strong. At Bethel, we make efforts to achieve all five God-appointed purposes.

‘Bethel’ is a church of second chances.

Life doesn’t end after making mistakes or veering off course. You might stumble and fall, feeling powerless and unworthy to get back up. Christ never diminished human dignity; instead, He elevated it in each person. Such an attitude toward people is what we learn from Christ and embody in our church.

Thanks to Him, everyone has the right to a second chance.