40 day fast 2024

There for forty days He was tempted of the devil and ate nothing during those days
David Kreyman
Eugene Tanas
15 Feb 07:00 PM
Until 28 Mar, 07:00 PM 1m 13d
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40 day fast 2024

40 day fast 2024

Fasting is the giving up of the natural to receive the supernatural.

This is the fourth year that we have returned to the practice of the first church.

For 40 days, each person before God makes a personal decision to limit himself or herself or to give up completely what hinders his or her spiritual formation.

This could be sweets, social media, television, coffee. In addition, once a week we all give up food.



Thursday, February 15, 7pm
Special Service – Opening Lent

5 Weeks – Home Groups

Each week we meet for meetings. The day the group meets is the day of Lent for the group members.
All groups study the same material.
Find your group here.

Holy Week

For this special week, we are fasting – taking only water – for three whole days: Tuesday through Thursday!

Holy Thursday, March 28, 7pm.
Special Service – Communion

place Bethel Community Church 13231 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012
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